Survey Results + Winner Announcement

Thank you to the > 200 brewers who participated in our recent survey! The results were informative (and, at times, entertaining).

Some other takeaways…

We confirmed that most brewers want to access & leverage market data. This is on our roadmap.

We confirmed interest in advanced (aka “downstream”) hop products has grown enough that it’s finally time for us to support those products. This is coming very soon. That said, the rapid expansion of advanced hop products that blur lines and hide behind catchy trademarked names (rather than transparently disclosing the process & ingredients) makes this no small task, so we had to draw some interesting lines; a topic for another post. Thanks to @ericsannerud for serving as an excellent soundboard & guide during our development process. If you aren’t already following Eric’s Hop Notes substack, you probably should be.

And finally, the winner of our Memorial Day Giveaway is…


Happy to try and do my part to help all of us learn more about this rapidly expanding market segment!

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