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LEx Ideas/Feedback

Have an idea for a new LEx feature? We would love to hear it! No idea is too big or too small. Something you think could work better? Ideas for the LEx community? We read all your posts - please post them here!

Prepaid Shipping

In response to the most highly demanded feature request from the LEx Community, The Lupulin Exchange rolled out a completely redesigned shipping system in March 2018 (after several months of beta testing). Learn more, report issues, or give feedback on the new shipping system here.

Fan Mail

Is there something about the Lupulin Exchange that you love? Something made your life make your easier or a LEx employee that went above and beyond? We read every testimonial - and sometimes rep your brewery (with permission) so please post them here!

Contract Manager

In August 2017, the Lupulin Exchange released a new free tool that helps brewers track their hop contracts online, place orders online and much more. Send your feedback here!