How Shopping Carts Work

The Lupulin Exchange is a marketplace facilitator (aka platform (ie Kayak, eBay, Uber, etc.)). LEx doesn’t sell hops; it’s just a busy marketplace where a community of buyers & sellers connect. Since every transaction on The Exchange is between 1 buyer & 1 seller, it’s not possible to combine listings with different sellers or storage locations into a single cart/transaction. However, it is possible to combine multiple listings with the same seller & storage location into a single cart/order/shipment…

Here’s how it works… Let’s say you want to checkout a box from this listing:

After you click the Checkout button, you’ll see the Bundle & Save! section, which shows you a bunch of other listings from the same seller:

Notice the shopping cart icon (see header) in the images above & below. In this case, the seller is Yakima Chief Hops. We can’t fit all of their other listings on this page, so if you click Continue Browsing!, that will take you to the listings page, filtered by listings for which the seller = Yakima Chief Hops:

If you see another listing you want to add to your existing cart, just click Add to Checkout:

Now your cart has 2 items. Hover over the shopping cart icon to see what’s in your cart:

Repeat that process as much as you’d like, then complete the checkout. Otherwise, if you visit a listing from a different seller before completing the checkout, you’ll see a Create New Checkout button with a warning that the listing cannot be added to your existing cart:

If you do that, your existing cart will be emptied and you’ll start over with a new cart, containing only the Chinook from Flathead Valley Hops.

And one last thing, it’s called Bundle & Save because in some cases, bundling will result in significant shipping cost savings. For example, in most cases, the cost to ship 11 lbs of hops is only slightly less than the cost to ship 44 lbs of hops.

Hopefully, now you understand how shopping carts work on The Lupulin Exchange & why we can’t let you just make one big order from multiple sellers. If any of that didn’t make sense, please LMK. Happy shopping, there are some great deals out there.


TL;DR: No single transaction on The Exchange can have > 1 buyer, seller, or storage location. As long as those conditions are met, you can bundle an unlimited number of listings into 1 cart/order/shipment.


Thanks! This is very helpful to know!