Improved Experience for Country Malt Group Listings

After a little collaboration with our friends at Country Malt Group (CMG), the experience for both buyers and sellers of (CMG) listings just got a lot better:

  • CMG checkouts now use prepaid shipping (streamlined experience + no more reimbursements + better shipping rates)
  • Sellers now designate the appropriate CMG warehouse location when creating a listing
  • CMG (and all other merchants using Trellis) can update a given listing’s warehouse location if the warehouse is out of stock

We welcome CMG to the ranks of merchants like Charles Faram, BSG, and many others using Trellis (our portal for merchants & growers) to fulfill orders seamlessly & reach new customers.

BTW, we’ve got lots of other improvements in the pipeline, so look for some more updates (like this one) soon. And if you’re a hop merchant who wants to collaborate more closely with LEx, drop us a line so we can make life easier for both you and our community of brewers.