New shipping system launched on the Lupulin Exchange

We’ve released a huge upgrade to our shipping system on the Lupulin Exchange aimed at making everyone’s life better. The feature has been in beta for a few months – we’ve internally been calling it Prepaid Shipping


  • Buyers pay for shipping in a single transaction at the time of checkout – just like at any self-respecting ecommerce website. No more back and forth with shipping charge reimbursements weeks later.
  • Know the cost of shipping BEFORE you buy with our shipping estimates on the listing! Compare the cost of shipping from different listings before you checkout
  • Can’t get your hops fast enough? Buyers can now choose the speed of shipping at checkout
  • Easier fulfillment for sellers - simply print out a label in a number of different formats and slap it on the box. We even take care of sending the tracking numbers to the buyer
  • Shipping funds are fully guaranteed when using prepaid shipping. No more UPS chargebacks ever
  • Less shipping errors – LEx now validates addresses for both the buyer and the seller for every transaction
  • Ship for less using the Lupulin Exchange’s UPS and Fedex rates – our accounts are ship tens of thousands of dollars of packages every week. LEx is re actively driving down our shipping rates to rock bottom.

Does every listing use the new shipping system?

We are working hard to move as many listings over to our new shipping system as possible but it’s important to realize that some will still use or legacy (manual) shipping system. The following types of listings will NOT use our new prepaid shipping system:

  • Listings at some large brokers. LEx doesn’t have full integration with every large broker (yet) – so our system can’t know which warehouse your hops will ship from. Not having a valid “from” address means we can’t buy shipping labels at checkout
  • Seller has an invalid ship from address on LEx. See the reason for the bullet above. This very rare and we’re actively working to resolve what few sellers fall into this category.
  • Whole leaf hops and Lupulin Powder. Currently our shipping rates are based on package weight – making it ideal for pelletized hops. Unfortunately whole leaf hops shipping rates are also based on volume – which our current system can’t handle. We’re hoping to add an update for whole leaf hops in the near future.
  • LTL or Freight shipments. The costs of LTL shipments can vary quite a bit and we haven’t partnered with a LTL company (yet) to handle the larger orders on LEx

Which listings use the new shipping system?

We will be rolling out an update shortly which makes it easy to identify at a glance which listings use old vs the new shipping system. You’ll even be able to filter for only prepaid shipping listings.

In the meantime, look for the prepaid shipping estimate on the listing. A valid estimate means that the listing will use the new shipping system at checkout.


We haven’t forgotten about you. A bunch of new shipping settings in this update put you fully in control. I’ll be creating a new “Sellers Guild to Prepaid Shipping” post in the coming days and linking here.

In the meantime, pleases let us know your reactions and thoughts! Thanks!

First off I would like to say, this is a wonderful platform for all to buy and sell hops. Thank you! I thought I was set up with the reimbursement option for shipping, so I have been going to fedex and creating my own label and shipping out hops. I have not been reimbursed for shipping though. This has only happen twice, both being 11# orders.

After pocking around on here for the last hour, I believe I am wrong and am actually set up for pre-paid shipping and needed to use the labels provided. Is there anything I can do to receive the shipping money? Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi @billygoathopfarm,

Welcome to the community! Prepaid shipping is the default whenever possible. Prepaid is awesome and way better than creating your own labels - you can read all about how shipping works via this link.

I think but am not 100% sure it’s possible to cancel & refund labels that you never used - if you want to pursue that, the best course of action is: click HELP at the top of any page on LEx, then create a new support ticket with all relevant info, including order numbers. If it is possible to refund those labels, the refund will go to the buyer (that’s who paid for them) rather than you, but you could then submit individual shipping reimbursement requests to each buyer via LEx (#3 in the link above).

Regards, John