Coming Soon: Major Shipping Improvements


We understand that until now - shipping has been the most inconvenient part of selling hops on LEx. Typos in addresses, invalid ups account numbers and ups chargebacks add up to lots of headaches for our sellers. In the coming weeks we will begin beta testing a major overhaul of our shipping system to bring LEx into the 21st century.

What’s Changing?

  • Buyers will pay for shipping at the time of purchase like any other self-respecting website. A single payment will include payment for both hops and shipping. Don’t worry we itemize the shipping and hops line items nicely for everyone. Prepaid shipping means that invalid account numbers and ups chargebacks are a thing of the past
  • Sellers simply print a label from the shipper of their choice and slap it on the box.
  • Buyer gets to choose shipping speed at the time of checkout
  • We geolocate both the sellers and buyers address before checkout – ensuring a valid shipping label without typos

What are the Limitations?

LEx will default to the current shipping system (prepaid shipping will NOT be available) in the following situations:

  • Your hops area stored at a large broker with multiple warehouses
  • Large LTL orders
  • LEx does not have a valid address for the seller in our system. We are actively working with the few sellers who fall into this category and expect this to be rare

###What do I need to do now?
Buyers = Nothing. Simply keep calm and buy more hops.

For sellers on LEx – in the coming days, our system will prompt you to verify your address. Simply review your information and you are all set.

What if I have Concerns or Questions? Where can I learn more?

The LEx community (this site) is the best place to ask your questions or voice your concerns. Simply reply to this post or start your own topic.

Stay tuned – we will be announcing a live walk through with some of our developers on facebook live shortly.

When will I see the shipping improvements on LEx?

We are beginning a beta test of the new shipping system in the coming week with a few of our power sellers. During the beta – the majority of the listings on LEx will see no change, but the listings from our beta tester sellers will use the improved shipping system. For the next few weeks, buyers can expect business as usual but don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay for shipping at the time of checkout once and awhile

Are you a seller anad want to join the beta? Awesome! Contact us and we’ll hook up.

We’re hoping to make the shipping improvements live for all of LEx as soon as possible and will update this community as we make progress. In the meantime, please hit us up with your questions or concerns below. Thanks!

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