Improvements to Seller Fulfillment system [Beta]

We’ve heard from a few of our prepaid shipping beta sellers that the order fulfillment page is confusing - especially when our consolidated shipping system automatically groups smaller bags into fewer boxes to save on shipping.

Consider this example where the buyer bought thirteen 10 lb bags - LEx automatically consolidates the bags into three 40 lb boxes and one 10 lb box. The exact weights of the packages in the screen shot below are slightly higher to account for the weight of the box. Shipping thirteen boxes is a lot more work for the seller and costs the buyer more than twice as much (as shipping four boxes).

We’ve just released an update that makes the package size and weight much clearer and gives the seller quick links to control their shipping settings. Please let us know what you think! Thanks

So far the changes are great, but yes there is some confusion especially when the default is set to automatically consolidate the shipment. We currently sell in 11 lb boxes, and 44’s with 2-22 lb bags. A customer bought two 11 lb boxes today and wanted two 11 lb boxes. His shipment automatically condensed it into one package. He didn’t know that his shipment was consolidated into one shipment when I talked to him and he couldn’t understand why I only had one label to work with. So I think there is a little confusion on the buyer’s end as well. A little learning curve for both the buyer and seller.