Should Consolidated Shipping be turned on by Default for brewers?

Our major overhaul to the LEx shipping system has been in beta testing for a few weeks now. At this time approximately 35% of the buyers on LEx are paying for shipping (and choosing the shipping speed) at the time of checkout.

Our power sellers told us early in beta testing that they need a system to automatically roll up smaller bags into larger boxes – so we built our consolidated shipping system.

Consolidate Shipping Pros

  • If you are high volume seller - shipping fewer boxes is A LOT less work
  • Shipping fewer, heavier boxes saves the buyer between 30 - 60% on shipping

Consolidated Shipping Cons

  • It can be confusing for new sellers. We’ve tried to make the seller shipping pages easier to understand – but it’s not entirely obvious the first time you sell five 11 lb bags and are told to ship one 44 lb box and an 11 lb box
  • At brewery sellers might have to tape boxes together for shipping. Public service announcement - LEx does not want brewers opening boxes for shipping.

Users have full control over consolidated shipping in their account settings. Don’t want to tape more than two boxes together? No problem - you can choose exactly which weights you ship in settings. Want to turn if off completely? Easy peasy.

However, consolidated shipping is currently turned on by default – so if you are an at brewery seller selling smaller boxes stored at your brewery, you probably will be asked to tape boxes together for shipping. We aren’t sure that’s the right decision so we want your input.

Did I leave out a pro or a con? Have things to get off your chest? Please chime in below. Thanks!

###Should consolidated shipping be turn on by default on the Lupulin Exchange?

  • Yes - consolidated shipping should be turned on by default
  • No - consolidated shipping should NOT be turned on by default

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[Edit] I edited this post on Feb 19 to make it clearer to brewery sellers that they shouldn’t open boxes for shipping

I think it’s a great idea and will save the brewery a lot of money on shipping fees. Before the switch, and when the seller controlled the shipping, we would combine every order we could. It also saves us money on packaging.