Variety Updates/Expansion!

In response to some of the feedback we’ve received, we’ve update and expanded variety options!

Here is an explanation of some of our improvements:

  1. Variety Attributes
    For variety attributes, we removed Organic varieties and switched them to use the Organic attribute. We also added Cryo, Cold Enrichment, and Isomerized, allowing users to select multiple attributes at a time.
    In addition to this change, users are also able to filter varieties based on these attributes. Example: organic listings.

    Screenshot of the new Create Listing Page:

  2. Expanded Types
    For Types, we’ve added C0₂ Extracts and create sub-categories of Types. For instance, you’ll find T45 Pellet, T90 Pellet, and BBC Pure Hop Pellet™ under the Pellet type.

    Screenshot of the new Create Listing Page:

  3. Product Trademarks
    We now show a link and/or more information about the variety based upon your selected combination of Pellet Type, Brand, and Attributes.

    Screenshot of the new Create Listing Page:

But we’re not stopping there! If you know of a type, attribute, or trademark that needs added, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it as soon as we can!


We also sell 150 G 150AA cans.

The updates look great, thank you.

Hi Brian, thanks for your request. 150G has been added to the menu at listing. Cheers, Jesse

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