FEEDBACK REQUEST: Expanded product options

The market is evolving. Extracts, powders and other hop derivatives are now becoming industry standards. You asked LEx to support these products, and we’re ready to make that happen. First, however, we need your feedback to ensure that our listing page updates are comprehensive and correct.

  1. We are proposing the following changes to hop product “types” at listing. Additions are in bold type.
  • Leaf/Cone
  • Pellets
    • T45 Pellet
    • T90 Pellet
    • BBC Pure Hop Pellet™
  • CO2 Extract
  • Powder/T35
  1. We will also be introducing “listing attributes” to help describe unique characteristics of extracts and other products:
  • Organic
  • Light Stabilized
  • Cold Enrichment
  • Isomerized
  • Pourable
  • IKE
  • PIKE
  • 30%
  • Rho 10%
  • Rho 35%
  • RHO-S 30%
  • Tetra
  • Hexa
  • Hexa-Tetra
  • Alpha Acid Standardized
  1. Finally we will have to add a few new packaging types to support CO2 Extracts:
  • 0.5 kg Can
  • 1 kg Can
  • 2 kg Can
  • 3 kg Can
  • 4 kg can
  • 50 kg drum
  • 200 kg drum

We’ve included some common examples of new product listings at the bottom of this post.


  • What did we get wrong? Do you see any incorrect or misleading information in the lists above?
  • What did we miss? Are there additional hop products, attributes, and/or packaging types that should be included on the listing page?
  • Anything else we should know on this topic?

Please reply below - this is a community issue that requires a community solution.


The Lupulin Exchange Team

Cryo Hops®

Isomerized Kettle Extract (IKE)

BBC Pure Hop Pellet™

LupuLN2™ Powder

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Hey Jesse - If possible; could the new WetHOPs product be included as one of the “product types”? We want to make sure the Brewing Community knows that this recently patented product is available. As we discussed, we have three sizes available - 300g cans, 1kg foils and 3.5kg foils. This offering (type) does not fall into the Extract or Powder category.

Best, Mark and The Stout Beverage Group

Stout Beverage Group - WetHops web page

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Seems like a reasonable solution.

One question I find myself repeatedly asking folks is at what temperature are you storing the hops you have for sale. Is it feasible to have a drop down for sellers to select the temperature?

Can we have expanded options for hop storage? Cooler, Deep Freeze, etc?

Agreed, we store our hops frozen, would like to see more options in storage type


In addition to the other extract attributes already listed, clearly “grams of alpha” per can is critical. It should also include crop year of source hops and % AA of the can contents, or at least total weight of the extract, and not just can size. Not all 1000 gma cans have the same AA content and therefore different oil concentrations. Nice evolution of the LE.


Strong feedback! Noted. Thanks a lot, Alec.

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Totally Natural Solutions unique and specialized hop oils are increasingly tied to the Science of Beer Design.
Totally Natural Solutions is at the forefront of using clean, green extraction technology to create variety specific and special hop formulations, by working with brewers. This ensures that their brews maintain consistency and increase shelf-life, whilst improving broad-based efficiencies.
Our hop oil stability and suggested addition protocols achieves inventory control, and plant utilization.
The versatility of our hop oils has surprised many on how easy it is to quickly develop new style formulations too. A vital requisite of our every changing brewing industry.

Horace G A Cunningham

Brewmaster & Advisor

SAF Associates, LLC

Totally Natural Solutions Ltd.

Hi Horace, thanks for your feedback. Noted. If you have more specific suggestions/requests for hop oil options at listing, please submit them by email to

Could you please add these sizes to your drop down menu?

We have 100GMA and 500GMA cans of Citra CO2 Extract to sell and I do not see those sizes on your list!

Thank you!

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@orders, we’d be happy to add those!

Just for clarification, these will be new Packaging Types that fall under the C0₂ Extracts Pellet Type, correct? If so, we will add the following Packaging Types:

  1. 100 g can
  2. 500 g can

One question: it is already possible to list 0.5 kg can, which is the same weight as a 500 g can. Are you OK using the 0.5 kg can? Or is it necessary to make that distinction?

Thanks! Let us know and we’ll add them!

The 0.5kg can will work for our 500gma product.
Can you also add 100gma and 1000gma to your drop down menu?


We’ve added 100 g can, but I didn’t add 1000 g can because we already have a 1 kg can available.

If that doesn’t work, let us know!

i would also like to see a “Storage: Frozen” option. We store in a deep freezer


If we see some more hearts on your post, we’ll add this to our roadmap.

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