Snooze, Don't Lose!

Ted Lasso won’t be interested, but I’m happy to announce the release of a long-overdue feature: Listing Snooze!

Whether you’re going on vacation or need to pause shipping for a wall-to-wall physical inventory, you can now snooze all listings that ship from your location in a few simple clicks! This feature will go a long way to preserve the Shipping Speed metric on your profile score while you’re away, regardless of the reason. :beach_umbrella:

Here’s how it works…

Brewers: You can snooze all of your company’s listings from the Active Listings page. Just click the orange snooze button, then enter the end date.

Merchants & Growers: You can snooze all of your own listings + all brewery listings shipping from your warehouse(s) from the bottom of your settings page:

Snoozed listings are temporarily removed from all search results on LEx, are temporarily unavailable for checkout, and display a warning message if someone finds a direct link to one of them:

So when you take that next vacation (you’ve earned it!) don’t forget to click snooze on your way out the door. Your profile score (and your inbox :incoming_envelope:) will look better and your listings will be right where you left them once you’re back online.


Thanks for the update.

This is great, thank you!

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