Now supporting all package sizes

We’re pleased to announce that all package sizes are now welcome on The Exchange.

For six years, we’ve maintained a ten-pound minimum to discourage homebrewers from making purchases. It’s not that we hate homebrewers, but LEx was only designed to handle transactions without sales tax. To support homebrewers, we’d have to charge, file, and remit sales tax in each buyer’s state - a burden that would greatly increase our obligations and costs. We simply couldn’t support this without increasing our minuscule fees. Now that our new Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Management System ensures all buyers have the correct paperwork required to prove sales tax exemption, there is no need for a package size minimum.

The 5.5 pound package size was recently added, and we’re happy to add other bag sizes upon request. Sellers, if you don’t see a size you need on the menu at listing, just shoot an email to support [at] lupulinexchange [dot] com and we’ll post it for you. Please note that all quality standards remain in effect.

We’ve always intended for The LEx community to be inclusive of commercial brewers, growers, and merchants of all shapes & sizes, and we think this change represents another important step toward serving some of the community’s smallest members.