"CO-HOP has been a game-changer for my brewery"

The main event for CO-HOP 2024 is now underway! Eligible breweries can check their inbox for an invite or follow this link to get started. Here’s what participating brewers have to say…

“As a founding member of CO-HOP I have really enjoyed the flexibility it has given me to get the freshest hops at the best price. I am brewing less than five hundred barrels annually and don’t have any contracts to fall back on; CO-HOP bridges the gap between hop contracts and spot markets for me. I love that I can get all the varieties I need for our core beers plus get newer varieties for those one-off IPAs and keep my product offering current with new trends.”

"I’m excited to share Diamond Knot Craft Brewing’s exceptional journey with CO-HOP - a revolutionary initiative that reshapes our hop procurement strategy. The program offers flexibility in hop purchasing, minimizes risk, provides multiple offers from diverse hop entities, and grants us first dibs on released hops from fellow members.

CO-HOP’s flexibility empowers Diamond Knot Craft Brewing to select hops that align with market trends and customer preferences, fostering an agile and responsive brewing approach. With reduced risk in hop contracts, we can focus on refining our craft without unnecessary concerns about market volatility.

Access to multiple offers from various hop companies and growers enriches our brewing options, allowing us to craft diverse and high-quality beers. Additionally, the exclusive privilege of first dibs on released hops from other members creates a collaborative environment, keeping us ahead of industry trends.

CO-HOP has become an indispensable asset to Diamond Knot Craft Brewing, transforming our brewing approach. We’re grateful for the opportunities it provides and look forward to continued success and innovation in collaboration with LEx and fellow CO-HOP members."

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