23Q4 Survey Results + Winner Announcement!

Thank you to the 152 brewers who participated in our Democratize Hops Giveaways survey!

It was nice to see that only 3.9% (6 responses) of those surveyed didn’t like the changes we’ve introduced thus far in 2023:

One respondent who provided further comment helped us hunt down & fix an unusual, device-specific problem related to search functionality. Most of the other negative feedback was from brewers who don’t like the way profile scores work and/or don’t want to rate sellers or lots. And this was my favorite response from those who were asked what they didn’t like about the changes:

In regards to profile scores, I’m not happy with them either. I wrote about that earlier this week, and I really hope you will take a look & comment on my proposed changes so we can get it right this time. It’s pretty clear that most brewers expect all sellers to ship very quickly and want a better indicator of shipping speed on every listing so they can avoid purchasing from slow shippers.

There was one other theme/pain point: Brewers really want lot numbers and AA% on all listings, so we’re considering making lot numbers & AA% required for new listings. If you have strong feelings about whether or not lot numbers & AA% should be mandatory, please chime in here.

And finally, the winner of our Democratize Hops Giveaway is…

Justin Thompson of Gaston Brewing Company

Congrats, Justin!


In terms of lot numbers and AAs, they are nice to have as a buyer but without having an easily accessible way to look up the lots, that data is worthless. So you would also have to build a mechanism on the site to facilitate obtaining that info.

And as a seller, sometimes lot numbers and AAs are hard to obtain unless you have the boxes in house already. I would keep that info optional and maybe build a reward mechanism for providing it but don’t make it required.

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