Sensory Radar Charts!

Last November, our friends at Yakima Chief were looking for a way to flex their sensory muscles on YCH’s listings. As a temporary solution, they posted some sensory radar charts here in the LEx Community. That was cool but we wanted to take things to the next level, so (after a lot of great collaboration with @bridget.gates & @steve.thompson) we added radar chart functionality to all listings. This is, of course, optional for sellers to utilize, but it’s nice to now see some listings with sensory radar charts on LEx.

As an example, I’d like to highlight some listings made by the Hop Quality Group. If you’re not familiar with the HQG, check out this interview I did with John Mallet & Tom Nielsen in 2019 and/or the more recent one about Hop Grower and Pellet Mill Audits with Ben Bailey & Patrick Chavanelle. Long story short, one of the HQG’s initiatives is to subsidize the USDA’s hop breeding research and assist the USDA in developing new public varieties that are attractive for modern craft brewing.

The HQG has made small quantities of some of those elite lines available here on LEx and you can see sensory radar charts on those HQG listings! I’ve also spotted some radar charts on other listings, like this one for Amarillo from the Hop Guild. I hope you find the sensory radar chart functionality useful and I look forward to seeing sensory data on more listings!