Send us Your Feedback


The Lupulin Exchange was built for brewers, by brewers. We’re excited to improve the Exchange - which is why we always love hearing from our users. Over the last few weeks we’ve been asking Exchange buyers and sellers for feedback - a big thanks to all the brewers who have participated. We discussed your feedback at our last meeting and have already added a few cool ideas to our software roadmap - so please keep checking back often for updates.

Please keep the feedback coming, so we can continue to improve the experience. You can contact us directly anytime or better yet, take 5 minutes to give us feedback on your experience buying or selling:

You can remain anonymous or let us know that you’d like to be featured in one of our ads. We’d love to rep you with some links on our site and social media.

A big thanks to Braxton Brewing Company for the kind words! Speaking of hop alerts, if you haven’t already setup yours - you can learn more here!