Receipt download no longer available

With the new update, I lost the ability to download a receipt for the hops sold. It is pushing all order processing to the trellis area. I do need to keep a receipt with values on it for my records, can you let me know where I can go to find this? In the past, this was available under my account quick links. The links now lead straight to trellis. Any help would be appreciated

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Hey Ted, Sorry about that - I see what you mean. I’m not sure how that happened, as that certainly wasn’t the case during my final testing, but we’ll get it fixed ASAP!

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Thanks, I found a workaround for it. If I open a new window as …com/account/sold/paid, it will go to a more familiar page where I can download the receipt. Cumbersome but works for now

John, we also lost our processed order status. Right now, until the shipping company scans the shipment and it gets uploaded, we do not know if the order has been processed and can process the same order twice

Yeah, I figured out what I missed during testing: The order shipped email links to /order/[OrderNumber], which is different from the Trellis version of the same page /brokers/order/[OrderNumber]. I’ve never liked having 2 versions of the same page so what I want to do here is consolidate to a single, optimized version of the page. We should be able to get that out tomorrow…definitely this week. Please let me know if you disagree/think there is value in 2 separate versions of the page. Otherwise, please continue to give feedback once we consolidate, so we can make further iterations/improvements if necessary.

Ted, You’re talking about using the Mark Order as Shipped button to take an open order out of your queue, right? Or am I misunderstanding you?

Yes on the mark order. We just need a means to sort out the shipped from the non shipped. Not much of a problem with a few orders but get cumbersome double checking that you got them all as the numbers go up, especially over 20

On the 2 order pages, it was interesting and I am sure confusing to many. I did find value in each. The trellis version I never used to process orders, ie cumbersome and missed the update when packing lists came out so it turned into an obsolete area as it could not give all 3 documents needed packing list, mailing label and receipt of sale. It was also missing the sort by process status, open, processed and fulfilled. It can sort by customer which I will do looking back historically. I can also do that via my accounting software, but it is a convenience to have here.

The order page from my account quick links works well as it would sort and give the above forms. The nice aspect about it is I could sort by processed orders and get total weights and order amounts so I could schedule work flow. An example is (28) 11 lb orders, 308 lbs, takes as long to process as (7) 44 lb orders (308 lbs). We have a sort window to get the hops packaged for shipment. We prefer to have them ready by 12:00, if pick up is early, we still make the truck. Both UPS and Fed Ex can be early, but are normally closer to 2:00. But as soon as I count on it, they do show up early., then we have to meet them at a later stop to get the hops shipped out.

I page works, just include all the functionality of the 2 old pages.

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10-4. We’re restoring the previous (2 different versions) functionality right now as a stop-gap, and will consolidate to 1 page with all functionality soon. If you’re willing, I’d like to get you to look over the consolidated version before we deploy it. Thanks!

John, I should also mention, when I use my workaround noted above, printing orders from the new order page is cumbersome (updated my account quick link order pages). You can not print the entire order requirements from one place. I have to print the receipt from the page that shows your entire list of open orders by using the green pull down tab on the left and print the packing list when I view the order. As you can not mark an order as shipped from the green pull down tabs, I never use them.

In an ideal world, we could configure how many of what report to print and what sorting order, set it up as our standard for all orders. Example, (1) receipt, (2) packing lists and (1) each mailing label starting with box 1 (on the label, not your call out, they are backwards). Once set up we hit one button and all reports are printed

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