Public Hop Varieties

I feel like the MBAA, the Brewers association, the national hop quality group and other craft beer organizations all promote and explain why the use of public hop varieties is important to the industry as whole. Yet, as time goes on, it seems we see more and more of the market continue to shift to proprietary hops. As a brewer, do you feel it is important to use a certain amount of public variety hops in your brewery, or is it simply not important to you? Or, is it something a little deeper, such as brewing beer based on the demand of the consumers and the consumers want to see specific hops listed? How many of you have tried Triumph yet? Vista? As a smaller farm of just 20 acres, we try to offer unique varieties and always try to have new options as they become available. We’ve grown Mt. Rainier, Tahoma, Columbia, Cashmere, Triumph, and now Vista. What was it that made Cashmere a hit? I almost fee like I remember a single article written from a cbc conference on Cashmere that could have been the catalyst! Anyways, these varieties all seem to have great growing characteristics, and great aroma and flavor properties that can make some amazing beers, yet they never seem to be as sought after as “trademarked” or “proprietary hops”. When one of the most asked questions growers get is “what are you growing new this year?” the support for the “new” hops seems to be lack luster these days. Triumph is a great hop I encourage brewers to try if they havent yet, however, I’m hoping its newer counterpart VISTA sees a little more excitement right out of the gate! Just kicking in the dirt over here! I welcome some conversation on this topic! Cheers!

Sean Trowbridge
Top Hops Farm


As a grower myself, I often ask similar questions. Public hop varieties don’t have million dollar marketing campaigns, so they are often criminally overlooked for the flashier proprietary hops. You can make world class, award winning, and highly profitable beers by using public hop varieties.


Im a huge fan of Vista, and its definitely making a splash! Love growing it and absolutely love the flavor of the beer it makes. Not sure why more breweries dont just order a few boxes to mess around with it? Probably just the industry contracting to focus on flagship beers? No idea