Now you can list 1-pound bags

Just a quick heads-up that we’ve added a new option to the listing menu for cases of 1lb bags. These cases are typically sold to homebrew stores, but are also very popular with nanos and other small breweries. We hope this helps and see no reason not to allow the request. You’ll now see this option in the drop-down menu when creating a listing:

If you have any feedback on this topic, please post it here.

p.s. Merry Christmas!

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I am a grower and have had some small brewers asking for 5 or 51/2 lb bags. You may want to consider adding options of 10 lbs (2-5 lb bags) and 11 lbs (2-51/2 lb bags). I certainly would list some in those categories.

Thanks, Michael. Let’s see what the LEx Comunity thinks. Fellow brewers, if this is something you want, please chime in here or click the heart on Michael’s post.

I like the idea of having 5-1/2 lb bags as an option. I would also like the buyer be able to select a single 5-1/2 lb bag. If the the seller wants to restrict to (2) bags they can in the listing. The 5-1/2 lb size already exists for lupulin powder, so hopefully it would be easy to turn it on as a selection option for pellets.

Have to be careful not to reduce the package size to the point that it makes sense for hombrewers. Nothing against hombrewers, but sellers would be responsible for both collecting and reporting sales tax if hops are sold to hobby brewers rather than to a commercial brewery. State sales tax is a huge can of worms. 10x1 lbs bags is probably the best place to draw the line. A commercial nano brewery can work with a case of 1 lb bags, but 10 lbs is big enough to scare off most hombrewers.

I don’t see the 1lb bag option for whole hops. Is it possible to sell them in that size?

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@homeboyhops – we only allow 1 lb bags when they’re packaged in a group of 10. @iamjohnbryce’s answer here can explain it better than I can : Now you can list 1-pound bags - #5 by iamjohnbryce

Thanks for getting back to me. I see the 1lb bags in groups of 10 for pellets but I only see bales for whole leaf hops.

Thanks again

@homeboyhops – that’s correct. Are you looking for different sizes for whole leaf?


We currently have our whole leaf packaged in 1 pound bags and can sell groups of 10 if needed. Is this possible to do?


@homeboyhops – yup! the change will be done by the end of the week. We’ll let you know when it’s live!

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Hi. Just checking on the status of the new packaging option for whole hops to be sold in 1lb bags. Thanks

@homeboyhops hey Ian! I’m actually out on vacation, but will be back on Friday and will do it first thing then! Sorry for the delay!

@homeboyhops you can now select 10 lbs (10x1 lb bags) after selecting Whole Leaf. Hope this helps!

Thank you for all of your help. I appreciate it!