Not receiving Hops Sold emails

I listed some hops for sale earlier this week, for which we received listing confirmation emails. In the past 22 hours we’ve sold two orders but haven’t received Sales Confirmation emails. Just wanted to bring this up in case others were having similar issues.

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@luckyenvelopebrewing - There are no known issues with confirmation emails. Please see this FAQ page, then submit a support ticket if you still need help.

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@luckyenvelopebrewing - it looks like our email received a “blocked/junk mail” status from your email server so your email was added to the “do not send” list. I’m since removed it, so hopefully the emails will continue.

Sorry for the inconvenience! If you have any other issues, feel free to reach out to support!

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Same here…stopped receiving order confirmation emails last week.

@steve5, it looks like emails have been sent successfully. So we’re not disclosing everything to the public, could you open up a support ticket so we can dig deeper into this issue?