LEx State of the Union and Updates

The Lupulin Exchange has wasted no time since coming back from the 2020 American Hop Convention with a new batch of updates! (And if you haven’t seen our presentation, you should do that now!)

  1. Trellis User Management
    Our biggest update is for Trellis users, with the added ability to invite and remove users to your Trellis organization.

    In Trellis, there is now a “Users” tab that lists all the users that are currently a part of your organization. From here, you are also able to remove users that are no longer active, or invite new users via email to join your organization.

  2. Filter Hop Alerts By Brand
    There’s a new Global Filter for your Hop Alerts: Packaging Brands. On the Hop Alerts page, select “Global Filters”. At the bottom is a list where you can select the brands you wish to restrict your Hop Alerts to.

  3. Lot Ratings
    When giving feedback after completing an order… in addition to rating the buying experience with each seller (i.e., negative, neutral, or positive), there is now an option to rate hop quality for a given lot number.

    Both the average and individual quality ratings will show up on any listings for rated lots, signaling lot quality to other brewers. For instance, Listing #44905 and Listing #44612 both have the same lot number and therefore have the same lot quality ratings.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure we’ll be back soon for more updates! As always, we welcome any feedback or feature requests!


(And here’s a bonus snapshot of the whole gang at the American Hop Convention! Thanks to Hopstories for snagging the pic!)

Great presentation, very insightful. Thanks!

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