It's Easy to Improve Your Score

And now it’s even easier because we’ve improved the review process. Previously, seller & lot ratings had to be submitted simultaneously and weren’t easily changed, both of which were inconvenient. But now…

  • Buyers can rate the seller’s performance & hop quality independently
  • Buyers can easily change/update any rating
  • Optional fields are more clearly marked

Please be sure to always enter accurate lot numbers when reviewing any given lot. If you’re not already doing so, you should be recording the lot numbers for all raw materials on your brewlogs because it’s an important step in regard to food safety & traceability.

For example, if a hop supplier were to recall a lot of hops due to contamination, wouldn’t you rather know exactly which products you need to recall from your customers?

And if you’re wondering why you should even bother to rate sellers or lots in the first place, here’s why.