Is There a Hop Shortage?

My biggest fear as we were about to launch The Lupulin Exchange was: What do we do when all of the hops sell out immediately and the site is empty??? (Can you tell I was once a reckless brewer with no hop contract?) I was sure that keeping hops listed would be our biggest challenge. Boy, was I wrong - at this moment there are 82,702 pounds of hops listed on The Exchange. And that number has been steadily increasing since we launched in late September, despite nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in sales.

Currently, there are 47 different varieties listed. Since Cascade is always a good industry yardstick, let’s have a look at active Cascade listings - sorted by price:

So, what jumps out? There is literally a ton of Cascade available in the $7 range. Meanwhile, 125 out of over 1,000 registered Lupulin Exchange users have a Hop Alert set up for Cascade. I’m no economist, but that tells me the current fair market value of CY13 Cascade is somewhere south of eight bucks. (Notice the slight bump for CY14.) Here are prices that Cascade has recently sold for on The Exchange:


I’m now sure of one thing: there’s no shortage of (reasonably priced) hops on The Lupulin Exchange. Cheers to that!

p.s. Thank you, Knee Deep Brewing for letting us use your awesome beer label!