Introducing Brewery Organizations

Yesterday, we released long-overdue functionality to make the LEx platform collaborative for brewers who work at the same brewery. Here are some things to know:

  • You can only join 1 brewery location - If your company operates multiple breweries, you’ll need a separate account/email address to join a second location.
  • New job = new account - Your account won’t follow you if decide to go work for a different brewery. You’ll want to create a new account if you take a new job.
  • History is Shared - When you join a brewery, all other members of that brewery location will have access to your order history, messages, etc. You’ll want to avoid joining a new brewery with an account previously used for a different brewery. When in doubt, create a new account!
  • Brewery organizations are collaborative - Need to reply to a message, ship an order, edit a listing, submit a PO, etc. on behalf of your colleague? Now you can do that.
  • History is permanent - Let’s say Fred gets fired or takes a job at a different brewery so someone from your team removes Fred from your brewery organization. Fred’s history (orders, messages, etc.) remain available to all other members of the brewery but now Fred can’t access your brewery (or even login to The Lupulin Exchange) without creating a new account.
  • You only need 1 tax exemption certificate - If Bob makes a purchase and Jennifer already submitted a valid tax exemption certificate, we won’t ask Bob to fill out another one.
  • Breweries only need 1 wepay account to sell hops - All breweries must use a single wepay account. If multiple members within any given brewery have wepay accounts, you can choose which wepay account to use for the entire brewery in your settings.

Those are just a few highlights - there’s more & more coming soon. Please let us know what else you’d like to see or if you think something could be better. When someone requests a feature via the comments here and we see 10+ other brewers click the heart button on that request, we typically prioritize the development of features like that as high as we can.


The form is not accepting our TTB number; we added the BR nomenclature and dashes and form says not correct format.

Please see this help doc. If that doesn’t answer your question, please submit a support ticket and be sure to include your TTB number.

Good Day,
Our brewery is located in the US Virgin Islands and we are federally exempt from the TTB Brewers Notice. How can I complete the Brewery Organization update without the TTB number?

Kevin Brown

Hi Kevin,

You can’t. Please submit a support ticket to the Help Desk so we can coordinate on a workaround privately.