How can buyer prevent excess shipping costs?

We’ve been a steady user of LEx for a couple years and have had nothing but good experiences. However, we recently received a shipment for which the shipping charges were 5X what they ought to be. The seller made no effort to get quotes and paid no attention to the costs, sticking us with a “collect” bill over $2,200 for a shipment for which we found several quotes for under $400. No skin off their nose, since the bill is in our name. And despite LEx policy stating that we are only responsible for standard ground fees, the shipper won’t compensate us for the difference. So we are stuck with this outrageous shipping.

Two questions. One - how can we compel seller to pay? Two - how can we put buyers (the ones who are paying for shipping) in control of shipping?

Hey Drew,

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear you’ve been affected by a seller who didn’t follow the rules. You are correct that buyers are only responsible for standard ground fees. FYI, We’ve got a major shipping overhaul underway (currently in beta testing) that will be fully released very soon. This overhaul moves shipping fees to “pre-paid” whenever possible, which will greatly reduce the occurrence of what you’ve described. But you’re probably a lot more concerned with solving your current situation…

In regards to your specific case, please create a new a support ticket via the LEx Help Desk. Be sure to include the order number so we can take a closer look and figure out the best path to resolution. Regards, John