Hops Sold Email Details

When receiving the hops sold notification email, it would be helpful to see what products were sold in the body of the email instead of needing to click the link and sign in.


Definitely agree with this.

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@orders3 & @CrazyHorseHops - Thanks for the feedback! Our system has a ridiculous number of possible “hops sold notification” emails, depending on several variables. Could you please confirm the subject line of the email (or even just reply with a screenshot), as well as whether or not the PO & labels are attached? That would help us make sure we are all looking at the same system email. Thanks!

Subject line for the notifications are “PO# 138787: Hops Sold - Action Required (The Lupulin Exchange)”
But here’s a screenshot as well.
Ideally we would like to have the product sold shown on this email for quick review.


Thanks, @orders3! Can you please confirm whether or not the PO & labels are attached to this email?

They are not attached, but there are links in the body to the PO & labels.
Although they do require a sign-in to access.

Since not everyone in our organization is logged into the site, it would be preferable to have the order details displayed in the email. At least the products sold.

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Got it - thanks! Sorry for all of the questions but I really want to be sure that we fully understand the root of the problem and spend our resources designing & implementing a fix that is fully optimized for you and everyone else using the system, rather than adding a bandaid that only kind of gets it right.

Please correct me if I’ve got any of this wrong, but it sounds like the root of the problem is:

“Since not everyone in our organization is logged into the site”

There are 2 possibilities for solving this, depending on how your organization prefers to work:

Option 1: Make it easy for everyone to be logged into the site
If you need additional team members added to your account (so they can quickly access those links), you can use the Invite users button found here to add them or just drop us a line on the help desk and we can map as many registered accounts as you’d like to your Trellis organization. We’d just need a list of registered emails that you want us to map. From there, each account can then set its own email notification preferences from settings.

Option 2: Easy email-only workflow
Some organizations prefer to work from email only and don’t want to have to log into Trellis to view order details. In this scenario, based on requests & feedback from a rather large dealer, we kept the email body minimal but attach the PO & shipping labels to the email. Merchants with multiple warehouse locations can use this in conjunction with Option 1 to make the email-only workflow location-specific. For example, CMG has this set up so that key staff at each warehouse get location-specific notifications, which works really well for their workflow.

We have some very large dealers using each option - some like the features & functionality of Trellis, and some just want everything in emails.

Regardless, I think I now see where we’ve dropped the ball here: About a year ago, we added the PO & shipping labels as attachments to the sale notification emails merchants receive when dropshipping brewer-to-brewer orders (against contracts). Apparently, we forgot to also add those attachments to notifications for merchant/grower-direct orders.

So, one more question for @orders3, @CrazyHorseHops, and any other merchants reading along:
Would adding the PO/packing list & labels as attachments to order notification emails be the optimal solution or do you really only want the order details added to the email body? Is there anything else about your workflow that should be considered here?

Our current backlog is rather large but we’ll prioritize this as high as possible once we’ve got feedback from you and some other merchants/growers. In the meantime, you can leverage option 1 immediately, if that works for your organization. Thanks for your feedback & patience - we really appreciate both!

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Having the PO/Packing list and labels as attachments would be an amazing solution that would certainly streamline our process here.


Agreed, having these as attachments would work well.


Yes, adding attachments would be helpful


This is in our backlog.

Agreed, that would be extremely helpful.

Its really nice that they are attachments now