Hop Terroir - Sensory Descriptions for Public Varieties- Farm Descriptions

Hi all. Max here from Champlain Valley Hops in Starksboro, Vermont. At 37 trellised acres, we are the largest grower and processor of hops in the Eastern US. This topic may have come up in the past but I think it’s an important one.

As a relatively small, independently owned and operated farm, growing exclusively public varieties, it is important for us to differentiate ourselves. The varieties we grow are cultivated around the world and have unique qualities based on the region they are grown in, topography, climate, and growing practices.

Our brewing partners appreciate the unique flavors/aromas that our hops have to offer and do not treat them as a commodity. I know that other independently owned and operated farms outside of the PNW and other traditional hop growing regions have the same mentality.

Would LEX consider adding a section where you can include sensory notes or any other information about the hops when selling on LEX?

Would it be possible to add a bio or any information about our farm in our LEX profile?


Hi Max,

Let me answer your questions…

Yes, but we prefer to crowdsource this data from brewers rather than just promoting how any given merchant/grower markets their products. We do have plans to add sensory data to lot ratings.

No. Unfortunately, when we allowed that type of free text many years ago, some merchants used it inappropriately. We do however include a link to each merchant/grower’s website to make it easy for brewers to find out more about any given seller.


Interesting ideas! Man, 37 acres is quite the project!

Thank you! Yes, it’s been an exhausting yet rewarding 5 years. I am sure that you can relate. It is great to see other (relatviely) small farms on LEX! I assume that we have similar goals of differentiating our products and could certainly use each other’s support.