Hop data availability in an easy to use format

Can the LEx database be accessible via an excel/csv download so that we can do analysis on available hops?

What type of analysis do you want to do?

We have many new analytics in the pipeline, most of which will be end up under the LEx Insights menu. We’ll announce those via this community as they are released.

There are also additional improvements coming to views/filters/sorting/etc. of active listings.

If you can give us more details about what exactly you want to accomplish/analyze, that would help a lot.

Want to look at varietals by year and hop type (t90 vs t45, etc) and be able to calculate the average prices with standard deviations and min/max values and other permutations to more appropriately assess state of the market for hops at certain prices. Big picture trying to use data in the spot market to make better educated decisions for contracts.