Help ! Problem with shipping

Hello, im selling hops for the first time here. The first two orders came with a UPS acct. number which I provided to YCH and they charged shipping on that.

Yesterday I got a new order which came with no shipping acct number ? There is probably something im missing out on !

@hola - Please see How Shipping Works : LEx HELP DESK. The order without a shipping account = 1. prepaid shipping.


Ive understood prepaid shipping now, but how can I send the fedex labels to YCH?

I have not received an email with the shipping labels

You don’t - prepaid labels are sent automatically. Please submit any additional questions to the help desk: Support : LEx HELP DESK

Hello Bryce who are they sent to directly? YCH has not revived them, I have not received them.

Ive called fedex they say the labels are created. But cant send them to my email.

The buyer needs the hops sent out today and I cant figure this out!

This is ych’s response:

“Do you or the customer have access to these FedEx labels? The tracking information does show the shipping was paid for, but as the shipping was not through YCH, we would still be charged for shipping ourselves. If we have these labels, then we would be able to ship the order out through the tracking number that the customer paid the shipping for.”