Feature Updates: Hoppy Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that The Lupulin Exchange turns a year old today. Brewers reallocated more than 170,000 lbs of hops via The Exchange during our 1st year of operation! That’s a big win for the industry and not too shabby for four guys with day jobs. We’re celebrating by staying up late to test new code that will improve your experience on The Exchange. Pretty soon, you’ll notice a whole bunch of tweaks that make life easier. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Our new alert system will save you time and help tie up loose ends. (words cannot describe how slick this is)
  • More sophisticated email reminders compliment the new alerts.
  • Keeping track of shipping reimbursements just got a lot easier.
  • Multi-user TRELLIS accounts (for brokers & growers) will gain additional tools for improved collaboration, as well as greater flexibility with shipping.
  • Get the answers you need via our ever-expanding Knowledge Base.

There’s another batch of serious enhancements queued up right behind this next code push, including the return of ACH payments, improved search filters, and the ability to retrieve an unexpired checkout if you’ve somehow wandered off.

Stay tuned - we’re just getting started.