Feature Update: Seller Rating System

Want some piece of mind when buying hops from someone you don’t know? You asked for it, so we built it. Buyers can now rate sellers on The Lupulin Exchange. The vast majority of sellers bring both their best intentions and their A-game. Responsible sellers do things like:

  • Create listings carefully - verify the hops for sale match their listings (correct crop year, brand, variety, etc.) and are available for immediate shipment
  • Maintain accurate listings - edit or deactivate listings that are no longer available/correct
  • Ship hops as soon as they’re notified of a sale (hops @ brewery) or submit a PO to their broker as soon as they’re notified of a sale (hops @ broker)
  • Never attempt to sell hops at a broker with whom their account is in bad standing/past due
  • Verify tracking info matches the transaction before entering it
  • Respond promptly to messages from buyers
  • Message buyers to notify them of a problem/delay and work with them to find an equitable solution
  • Never attempt to back out of a sale or intentionally fail to deliver hops as advertised
  • Understand How Selling Works and our Terms of Use
  • Ask questions and/or consult our FAQ

Occasionally a buyer runs into a careless user who can’t be bothered to do the right thing or play by the rules. Every now and then we have to cancel an order & issue a refund to protect a buyer. You never have to worry because we always have your back. We hope the new rating system will make The Exchange an even better place to do business. The community is stronger when we all keep each other’s best interests in mind.

We’ll be back again soon with announcements for new cool features. In the meantime, we’re always looking for ways we can improve The Lupulin Exchange – from big new features to tiny things that get in your way. Post your ideas here in the LEx Community!