Expedited shipping adding info

2 or 3 years ago, I requested that you differentiate express shipping on the system. Adding the flame graphic to emails and the order list helped. Great additions. To further help us catch express shipping, adding it to the packing list, so shipping people see it would also be a benefit. I stamp each order with "Express " in red ink. It is easy to miss stamping the packing list as nothing on it differentiates it from ground shipments, especially in a stack of orders.

To help us make sure we ship these express shipment quickly, being able to opt in for a text message just to make sure we get the message quickly would be a good addition. I can look at texts more often than emails. It is common for me to drive over to the shipping department at 12:00 with an express order to get it on the truck.

From the buyers point of view, they have no idea how fast a seller will ship an expedited shipment.
Right now, the buyer looks at score metrics to try to determine how fast the seller will ship the order.
Basing a decision on ground shipment handling times (score metric) is not real good info to base the decision on, especially with the price of expedited shipping . Adding either historical expedited shipping handling time for the last year or a shipping deadline from the seller for same day shipments would give buyers solid tools they could make decisions around.


Or you could simply ask the seller when will the item be shipped. I get messages all the time from brewers asking that sane question. For us, we ship the same day we receive the order unless it’s on the weekend or after warehouse hours. In that case, it goes out the next day. Paying close attention to where the hops are shipping from is important as well. The mega merchants have a tendency to take much longer to ship.

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  • Adding the flame graphic to packing lists: Great idea, I’ve added this to our backlog.

  • Text message for expedited orders: This is an interesting idea, but very complicated. I’ll add this to our “things to look into” bucket. In the meantime, it would be good to hear from anyone else who really wants this so we can prioritize accordingly. Expedited orders are < 2% of all orders on LEx.

  • Expedited shipping metric We’ll consider adding (or expanding detail for) an expedited shipping speed metric; however, this will be N/A for the majority of profiles since expedited orders are uncommon. From my perspective as a buyer/brewer, I feel like the existing metric gives me a pretty good idea of what to expect - an expedited order from someone with a 95% shipping speed is probably going to ship very quickly. That said, it would be great to hear whether or not other brewers want more detail in this area.

Consider this from the point of view of someone who just spent $300 for fast shipping and it does not happen. They will upset with both the seller and LEx, some to the point where they go elsewhere

@tednjodie - We have. And we make it clear to buyers that there is no guarantee when any given order will ship.

Just got my first order with a flame on the packing list. Thanks for taking my suggestion, it did catch my eye

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