Easier Profile Pictures and new Hop Alert Filters!

We just released two new features at The Lupulin Exchange:

  1. Easier Profile Pictures

    Users will no longer need a Gravatar account to have a profile picture. Instead, users may now upload their own profile pictures in their account settings.

    On your account page, click Settings → Picture to upload a picture (or click this URL).

    If you don’t upload a picture, we will gracefully fall back to your Gravatar picture (which will still work!) or display a computer generated image like this one.

    For more information, see this article: How do I update my profile picture? : LEx HELP DESK

  2. New Hop Alert Filters

    In addition to being to being able to filter by price, age, and country, you may now set global filters based on pellet types and packaging.

    To use these new filters, go to your Hop Alerts page and select “Global Filters”.

As always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome! :jack_o_lantern: