Dump Contracts, Not Hops!

Hey brewers, remember that time back in 2014 when The Lupulin Exchange fixed the spot market? Well, now we’ve also fixed everything that stinks about hop contracting! We’ve made it easy for brewers to reserve the hops they need without signing contracts, and we built a risk engine that keeps everyone (including merchants & growers) out of trouble. We call it CO-HOP, and if your brewery is an experienced, upstanding member of The Lupulin Exchange, you’ll find an invitation in your inbox or at LupulinExchange.com.

If you’re asking yourself how this all works, check out the CO-HOP FAQ. If you want the TL;DR version, it goes like this:

  • Participating breweries request varieties during a 1-week open enrollment window
  • A week later, those breweries receive offers from participating merchants & growers
  • Every offer includes a delivery schedule, specified by the merchant/grower
  • Breweries choose whether to accept or reject those offers
  • An accepted offer = a reservation (not a contract)
  • When the hops are ready, the brewery must order or release quantities based on the delivery schedule
  • Other CO-HOP members get dibs on all released hops
  • The ratio of reserved:released hops is one of many metrics our risk engine uses to evaluate how much (if any) credit should be extended to any given brewery
  • Always take what you reserve, and you’ll get invited again next time

Securing hops for your brewery should be less complicated. Now is the time to band together with other brewers to revolutionize hop contracting once and for all. Say goodbye to contracts & join the CO-HOP!

Important dates:

  • 2023 NZ varieties: Request deadline = Oct 25th :new_zealand:
  • 2023 US varieties: Make your requests Nov 1-7 :us:
  • 2023 European varieties: Make your requests Dec 1-7 :eu:

Still have questions? Read the FAQ.


So far, 233 breweries have received offers for 93,084 lbs of hops via CO-HOP!

But… plenty of folks who missed the previous enrollment deadlines have asked if there’s any way they can still participate. Starting tomorrow, there is…

We’ve added 2 final enrollment periods for the 2023 crop! :partying_face:

Here are the important dates for brewers:

  • 2023 :us: varieties: Make your requests Jan 10-16
  • 2023 :austria: :czech_republic: :fr: :de: :poland: :slovenia: :uk: varieties: Make your requests Feb 1-7

And here are the important dates for Merchants & Growers:

  • Submit offers for 2023 US varieties: Jan 17-23
  • Submit offers for 2023 European varieties: Feb 8-14

Still not sure what I’m talking about? You can find a link to the FAQ from lupulinexchange.com/account/cohops

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