Contract Manager release to LEx beta testers

We’re excited to announce a new free tool called Contract Manager. It’s designed to make life easier and we hope you will help us beta test it. Here’s how:


How do I give feedback or report a problem?
We want to hear from you what parts you love and what is confusing or needs more work. The LEx community is the best place to send your feedback:

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So, when you say please only send us one contract at a time, do you mean wait until we receive email notification that a contract has been transcribed? I tried to upload a second file, and got a sorry, something went wrong message. First file seemed to go through just fine. Both were .pdf format.

Hi Steve!

What we mean is make sure each file is only one contract and not several contracts lumped into one .pdf file. You do not have to wait until a contract has been transcribed before doing the next one.

And we’re sorry about the error! We’re still in beta testing, so we’ll be sure to look into it! If you could, try the upload again, and if doesn’t work, post the error message, or email it to me (


Hi @steve, I just wanted to tag you to make sure you got a notification about my above message.


Aj, I got it. It appears that the error had to do with the file size. I was able to upload a couple more contracts. The problem was with a 9.2MB file, that I just trimmed down, and it uploaded just fine.

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Awesome! Thanks Steve!

We’ll be sure to add some text so the maximum file size is clear!