Contract Manager: How should we display information about contact quantity/net remaining vs original contract quantity/net?

Hey Beta Testers/LEx community,
Shane here with the engineering staff with a quick question for you regarding contract manager. One of our beta testers pointed out that the way we display “net” on the contract pages is kinda confusing (is it net remaining, net originally contracted, etc?).

For example here is our inventory and ordering page (it’s not very clear what the “net” column represents):

Would you rather:

  1. Change the “Remaining Lbs” column to “Remaining” (displays both lbs remaining and net remaining in one column) and change the "net" column to "Contracted" (displays lbs contracted -new, and net contracted )
  2. Add a new “Remaining net” column

Option one ends up with two columns to display four pieces of information (might be harder to sort, organize?). Option two ends up with four columns (one for each piece of info). Once we get feedback from brewers - we can make these changes throughout contract manager. Thanks!

I think Option 1 is the simplest solution. It gives you everything you need to know in the most compact space. Usually I need to look back at contracts many times over the course of a year, to see how much I originally contracted for, and it would be nice to have a depletion report right there next to it. Money guy would also like me to be able to tell him in one quick conversation how much is still outstanding for the year. This would work well.