Coming Soon: LEx API

Hello! We here at LEx are looking into creating an API for our users.

Our question to you is: what would be most valuable to you in a Lupulin Exchange API?

well, I’m parsing your email alerts in a python script right now so an api for those would be awesome! looking forward to it.

  1. I would love to be able to pull a listing of a type of hop given some parameters (year, pellet/leaf, min/max price, etc).

  2. Then be able to purchase a listing with a card and shipping location saved on file here at the exchange.

This way when our software alerts us that we are getting low on a hop we could request the listing within our system and purchase directly from our software. This would speed things up for our brewers as well as allow them to reorder some inventory without having to go through others within the brewery who normally make the purchases for them.

I’m doing the same as ken currently.

The following would be very helpful:

  1. Pull information from open listings (Variety, price, estimated shipping, qty, brand, location etc.)
  2. Pull information from my open purchases, including tracking numbers and carrier
  3. Price history information by variety