Announcing VistaHops.Com - A project to support sales and sellers of Vista hops

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Announcing VistaHops.Com! A project to introduce the brewing community to the exciting new Vista hop. Follow along @Vista.Hops on Instagram.

About the VistaHops (dot) Com project:

  • Founded to provide Vista hops with the branding and marketing experience that is common for modern new hop variety releases
  • Directory of Sellers of Vista Hops: All-inclusive directory of farmers and merchants with Vista hops for sale, both current inventory and for future contracts
  • Growing Awareness: With 100 visitors a week, and growing, plus upcoming brewer and grower interviews/collaborations beers, Vista recipes, and more, VistaHops (dot) com is the leading platform introducing the beer community to Vista hops
  • Public Domain Branding: In keeping with the spirit of Vista being a public hop, all the branding and logo work done in support of Vista hops by the VistaHops (dot) Com Project has been released under a Public Domain License which means it is free for anyone to use to brand and sell Vista hops
  • Not for Profit: the services and marketing that the VistaHops (dot) Com Project provides are all done free of charge and all proceeds from VistaHops (dot) Com merchandise sales are donated to support public hop research. We’re here for the love of hops!

About Vista hops:

  • Vista is a brand new hop variety featuring modern American aroma and flavors, noted for bold melon, peach and pear aromas, well suited for heavily hopped, hazy, juicy IPAs
  • Vista is the latest public hop variety from the USDA’s public hop breeding program, building on the longstanding success of Cascade and Centennial hops
  • Vista hops displayed great agronomic traits such as high yields, powdery mildew resistance, and a distinctly large cone size over it’s 16 years of growing trials by farmers all across the United States from Washington, Oregon and Idaho to Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Vermont

To learn more or help support the project contact Eric Sannerud;

  • Email: hopsforall@gmail (dot) com
  • Phone: Eric Sannerud - (952)-201-4227

Very interested to see how this works. It feels like other recently released USDA varieties like Cashmere, Triple Pearl, and Tahoma are already being buried in favor of the proprietary varieties coming out of Hopsteiner, YCH, and HAAS. At the latest conference I attended it sounds like Vista has already has a significant amount of acreage. Do you have any idea how many acres of Vista have been distributed across the country? We have one row of Vista in ground.


Hey Mike!
Me too - hah. I agree, in my mind, to be a hit, to reach a level of demand that is enough for farmers and sellers to continue to support it, a variety must first be ‘good’ (brewers like it, growers will grow it) then it needs to be known. And that is the hard part. 95% of a ‘good’ variety’s success is in the being known category. Triumph for example, a great hop but almost forgotten already and it came out in 2019. Or any number of the Steiner catalogue, too many to remember.
By my latest estimate it’s about 100 acres going in this spring in the PNW, and perhaps 40+ outside of the PNW. Plants have also been shipped to Canada and Brazil. We’re very likely looking at the first variety to have such wide geographic adoption at release. Will that be good? Bad? Otherwise? for the future of Vista, hard to say yet.


Hey there this is Nichole with Crazy Horse Hops, we are located in Knightstown IN. We are currently a test site for Vista, so far it has done really well here. This years crop will determine whether we dedicate more acreage to it! I’ll keep you posted :smile: fingers crossed!


I asked John Henning at USDA and he said, “I believe it was 60 acres in PNW with another 40 acres set for Northern Midwest region.” That said, John is focused on breeding so I’d probably put more stock in the estimate @ericsannerud gave.

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Aww shucks John.
60 or 100, wherever it lands there’ll be a LOT more Vista to go around come harvest 22.

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We are certainly excited for any promising public hop varieties. We will fully support Vista.

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