A big welcome to the Canadian Dollar - LEx expands to Canada

The Canadian Dollar has been the word of the month here at the Lupulin Exchange. Until now, the exchange has only supported sellers with bank accounts in the United States. However starting today, Canadian bank account holders can create a seller account and list hops for sale in CAD. Even better - the proceeds of your sale are deposited into your bank account in Canadian dollars. Sellers with bank accounts in the United States can go back to brewing - nothing changes for U.S. account holders.

In our first two years, hundreds of Canadian buyers have politely put up with the antics of U.S. sellers and credit card foreign transaction fees. No more! Starting today - Canadian buyers can buy from fellow Canadians and pay in Canadian dollars. A mari usque ad mare!

You can even configure hop alerts to only be notified when other Canadians list hops for sale (and vice versa for U.S. users). Simply check the appropriate country under Global Filters on the Hop Alert settings page

Every listing now has a flag adjacent to the price that indicates the location of the seller and the currency of the listing (CAD or USD). Remember to compare apples to apples! All listings are shown in their native currency so a Canadian flag might indicate a better deal because of the exchange rate. View all the Canadian listings on the Lupulin Exchange.

Of course, we encourage cross border commerce! Canadian buyers can continue to buy from U.S. sellers - and now U.S. buyers can buy from Canadian sellers. However, if selling across the border doesn’t sound like your bag, just turn off “Allow International Shipping” on your account page

We are more than excited to welcome Canadian brewers, growers, and dealers as full members of The Lupulin Exchange community so they can benefit from the same level of transparency, convenience, and security that we work to deliver each day.

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