2017 American Hop Convention Roundup

AJ & I recently traveled to Bend, Oregon for the 2017 American Hop Convention - what an amazing couple of days. I had the honor of presenting in the final “Brewing Industry Insights and Analysis” slot of the conference.

Looking at our data from a supply perspective was really fun - I even got in some shots at John Bryce during my presentation. There’s plenty of data geekiness - we put together a “variety report card” from our market data and paired it with a survey from the LEx community - Check it out:

Like brewers, growers love them some data. The best part of my trip was the hours I spent digging though LEx market data with brokers and growers of all sizes (for fun!). Go here to get the full-length video. Special thanks to:

  • Michelle Palacios at the Oregon Hop Growers Association for having us and running an amazing conference
  • Hop Growers of America for the acreage data used in my presentation
  • Eric and Yancy at HopStories for going above and beyond with the video of my presentation. Don’t click through to their site - you will lose hours of your day watching their videos from breweries and farms
  • All the growers and brokers for an amazing reception at the conference.