A way to emphasize terroir


We would love a way for a farm to show what state a variety was grown in by looking at the listing, and not having to click on multiple buttons to find out. We have come to find out that certain varieties produce vastly different aromas when grown in different areas of the country. By adding a way to mark the states it would show a terroir difference. Varieties like Nugget and Chinook produce an unique aroma and the marker would sort of signify the terroir in an easily accessed way.


Hello @midwesthopproducers!

We understand! In response to this, we’ve added the “Grown In” field to all the listings pages, so you don’t have to click on each listing to find out where it’s grown. For an example, here’s the page with all your listings on it: https://lupulinexchange.com/listings?seller=30094

Hopefully that helps! But if there are other ideas that you think would help with this, let us know!