Feature Update: Editing Active Hop Listings

We are always pushing new code to The Lupulin Exchange. Last week we pushed out one of the most requested changes: allowing sellers to edit their active hop listings. If you’ve listed hops for sale, you will now find edit buttons when you visit My Account → Listings (Active)

If you edit one of your listings you will find controls to change both the price (per lb) and minimum order size

This gives sellers the ability to change the price of their hops to meet demand or bump up the minimum order size if they’re getting too many small orders. Changing the price of a listing won’t affect any orders that buyers have already placed. For example, if you’ve listed 10 boxes at $10 per lb and 5 boxes sold right away - those five sales will remain completely unchanged if you later change the price to $8 per lb. The new price will only affect future orders - so once you sell out, you will have sold 5 boxes at $10 per lb and 5 boxes at $8 per lb.

The minimum order size (in boxes) allows sellers to control how many orders they’ll receive for each listing. You can require a single buyer to purchase your entire listing (a maximum of one order) or you can allow users to buy in smaller quantities. Keeping the minimum order size small means your lot will sell out faster (but you might receive multiple orders) – requiring buyers to buy larger quantities means fewer orders (but maybe a longer time to sell).

To avoid confusion, you will notice we don’t allow extensive changes to listings. In our opinion, if you need to change the variety of the hops or packaging type – you probably need to create a whole new listing. We also limit edits for the protection of our users. It makes it impossible for a seller to list a number of hops under one pretense and then edit the listing once there is an issue.

If you do need to make extensive changes to a listing, you can always remove your current listing (My Account → Listings (Active) → Remove) and then create a new listing.

I’ll be back again soon with announcements for new cool features. In the meantime, we’re always looking for ways we can improve The Lupulin Exchange – from big new features to tiny things that get in your way. Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@lupulinexchange.com or comment below or via social media – we would love to hear from you!