No order on file

Order not received:
Today I received an email from WePay stating that an
Order had been cancelled.
The reference # C1665600904 was from
Jerry Lewis dated Jan 24, 2023.
After searching my email history, No such order
“email” was posted
Please follow up on this over sight.
Thank you.
Dennis Myhre
Fouser Farm Hops

Hi Dennis,

Order 149627 (which you can view from here) was canceled because you didn’t fulfill it within the 14-day deadline. I think you are reporting that you didn’t receive any email notifications for the order. I just checked on that and it appears that while we have been sending you notifications, those emails have been dropped because you previously marked our messages as spam.

I will remove you from the spam reports suppression list, but this will be an ongoing problem until you unmark us as spam and/or mark our messages as important.

Regards, John

p.s. We typically handle all support via the Help Desk, which you can find by clicking HELP at the top of any page on the site. Please use that for any future needs so we don’t end up spamming others with unwanted emails from the community site. Thank you!